Annex B: The Government’s Major Projects Portfolio. Quarter 2, 2012 to 2013

Delivery Body Project
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) BIS Shared Services
BIS Business Improvement Programme
BIS Core Systems Replacement
BIS Further Education Fee Loans Programme
BIS Further Education Capital Investment Programme
BIS Higher Education Reform Programme
BIS Student Loans Monetisation Feasibility Study
BIS Technology and Innovation Centres
BIS The Francis Crick Institute (formerly the UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation)
BIS UK Green Investment Bank
Cabinet Office (CO) Electoral Registration Transformation Programme
CO G-Cloud Programme (covers data centre consolidation and application store)
CO Public Services Network Programme
CO National Cyber Security Programme
CO National Citizen Service
Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) Enterprise Zones Programme
DCLG Housing Investment and Regulatory Reform Programme
DCLG ICT Desktop Refresh
DCLG Reform of the Audit Commission
Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) World Conservation and Exhibitions Centre
DCMS Broadband Delivery Programme
DCMS Mobile Infrastructure Project
DCMS Spectrum Clearance and Awards Programme
DCMS The Tate Modern Project
DCMS Urban Broadband Fund ­super-connected city initiative
Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) Green Deal
DECC Carbon Capture and Storage Programme
DECC Dounreay Parent Body Organisation
DECC Electricity Market Reform Programme
DECC Final Investment Decision Enabling Project
DECC Geological Disposal Facility Programme
DECC Magnox and Research Sites Restoration Ltd Parent Body Organisation Competition
DECC New Nuclear Programme
DECC Plutonium Management
DECC Renewable Heat Incentive
DECC Smart Meters Programme
DECC URENCO (a uranium enrichment company) Future Options
Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) Covent Garden Market Authority Redevelopment Project
Defra New Waterways Charity
Defra Rural Payments Agency Future Options Programme
Defra Thames Estuary 2100 Plan
Department for Education (DfE) Building Schools for the Future
DfE Priority School Building Programme
Department For International Development (DFID) St Helena Airport
Department for Transport (DfT) Crossrail
DfT DVLA ICT Contract Procurement
DfT Great Western Refranchising
DfT High Speed Rail Programme
DfT Intercity Express Programme
DfT Olympics Transport Programme
DfT M25 Design, Build, Finance and Operate
DfT Managed Motorways
DfT Periodic Review 2013 (High Level Output Specification: what the Secretary of State wants to be achieved by railway activities)
DfT Rail Refranchising Management Programme ­East Coast
DfT Rail Refranchising Management Programme ­Greater Anglia Long
DfT Rail Refranchising Management Programme ­Greater Anglia Short
DfT Rail Refranchising Management Programme ­West Coast
DfT Search and Rescue Helicopters
DfT Shared Services Futures Project
DfT Thameslink
DfT Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern Refranchising Project
Department of Health (DH) Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust (3Ts Programme ­ the development of a leading teaching, trauma and tertiary care centre)
DH Broadmoor Redevelopment Programme
DH Choose and Book Variation
DH E & N Herts NHS Trust Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) Scheme ­ new QEII hospital in Welwyn Garden City
DH E & N Herts NHS Trust ­Lister Hospital (‘Our Changing Hospitals’ Phase 4 Programme)
DH Electronic Transmission of Prescriptions
DH Health and Care Modernisation Transition Programme
DH HPA Chrysalis (redevelopment of the Health Protection Agency laboratories)
DH IMS3 (procurement to provide next generation of agile ICT services)
DH London Programme for IT
DH Mersey Care NHS LIFT scheme (To Improve Mental Health Environments)
DH N3 (National IT Network for the NHS) Extension
DH NHSmail Service Refresh
DH NME (North, Midlands and East) Programme for IT
DH Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust Private Finance Initiative (PFI) Project
DH Private Finance Initiative (PFI) ­Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen (‘World Class Hospitals, World Class Services ­ Renewing the Royal Liverpool University Hospital’)
DH Pandemic Vaccine Sleeping Contract
DH Pre-Pandemic Vaccine
DH Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust ­ the Midland Metropolitan Hospital Project
DH Summary Care Record
DH Southern Programme for IT
Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Benefit Cap
DWP Central Payment System
DWP Child Maintenance Group Change
DWP Fraud and Error Programme
DWP Incapacity Benefit Reassessment
DWP Personal Independence Payment Implementation
DWP Specialist Disability Employment Programme
DWP State Pension Reform ­Single Tier
DWP Universal Credit Programme
DWP Work Programme
DWP Youth Contract
Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) Abuja: New Office and Residence
FCO Echo (global network for voice and data services)
FCO Jakarta: New Embassy
FCO Prism and Firecrest Re-procurement Programme
FCO Tel Aviv: Embassy Upgrade
FCO UK Estates Reform Programme
HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) Debt Management and Banking Staff Reinvestment
HMRC Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information Programme
HMRC Expanding the use of Debt Collection Agencies
HMRC One Click (bringing tax services online)
HMRC Open Cases Programme
HMRC Organised Crime
HMRC PAYE Real Time Information
HMRC Volume Crime
HMRC Wider Coverage Project
HM Treasury Equitable Life Payment Scheme
HM Treasury Project OSCAR (replacement of financial reporting system)
Home Office (HO) Catalyst (integrated physical infrastructure)
HO College of Policing Project (formerly Police Professional Body Project)
HO Commercial and Operating Managers Procuring Asylum Support Services (COMPASS)
HO Communications Capabilities Development Programme
HO eBorders
HO Emergency Services Mobile Communications Programme
HO Escorting and Travel
HO Extend and Blend
HO Harmondsworth and Colnbrook Re-tender
HO Immigration and Asylum Biometric System
HO Immigration Case Work
HO IMPACT (information sharing and intelligence capability)
HO Information Systems and Operating Technology Programme (replacement of multiple contracts with one)
HO National Crime Agency
HO New Passport Programme
HO Next Generation Outsourced Visa Services Contract
HO Police ICT Company Programme
HO SIG Disclosure and Barring Programme (formerly Convergence Programme)
HO SIS II Programme
HO Transforming the Customer Experience (formerly A&E)
Ministry of Defence (MOD) Astute Boats 1­7
MOD Airseeker (airborne electronic surveillance capability)
MOD Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile (Meteor)
MOD BORONA Programme (closure of Rhine Garrison and Munster Station)
MOD Chinook (including Project Julius)
MOD CIPHER (management infrastructure for security devices)
MOD Complex Weapons
MOD Core Production Capability
MOD Corporate Services Transformation Programme
MOD Crowsnest Programme (successor capability to Sea King Mk 7 aircraft)
MOD Defence Information Infrastructure
MOD Defence Infrastructure Transformation Programme
MOD Defence Core Network Services
MOD End Crypto Units
MOD Falcon ­02 (Increments A and C amalgamated at 1/4/11) (secure communications system)
MOD Future Reserves 2020
MOD Joint Combat Aircraft
MOD Logistics Commodities Services Transformation
MOD Merlin Capability Sustainment Programme
MOD Military Afloat Reach and Sustainability
MOD New Employment Model
MOD Nuclear Warhead Capability Sustainment Programme
MOD QEC Aircraft Carriers
MOD Project Marshall (delivery and support of air traffic management equipment)
MOD Puma Helicopter Life Extension Programme
MOD Spearfish Upgrade
MOD Specialist Vehicles ­Recce Block 1
MOD Submarine Enterprise Performance Programme
MOD Successor SSBN (maintenance of continuous at-sea deterrence)
MOD Typhoon (combat aircraft)
MOD Type 26 Global Combat Ship
MOD Type 45 Destroyers
MOD Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme
MOD WATCHKEEPER (intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance capability)
MOD Wildcat (successor to Lynx helicopter)
MOD A400M (military transport aircraft)
Ministry of Justice (MOJ) Capacity Management Portfolio
MOJ Community Payback
MOJ Court Estates Reform
MOJ Court Fines Compliance and Enforcement Project
MOJ Electronic Monitoring
MOJ Future IT Sourcing Programme
MOJ Integrated Delivery Programme
MOJ Legal Aid Reform Implementation
MOJ MOJ Shared Services
MOJ National Offender Management Information Systems Programme
MOJ National Offender Management Service Organisational Restructure Programme
MOJ Payment by Results Pilot Programme
MOJ Prison Competitions Phase One
MOJ Prison Competitions Phase Two
MOJ Prison Escort and Custody Services Re-competition
MOJ Property Services and Works
MOJ Quantum Re-compete Project
MOJ Secure Training Centre Re-tendering Programme
National Savings and Investment (NS&I) Yoda Project (Outsourced Services Re-tender Project)
Office for National Statistics (ONS) Beyond 2011 Programme
ONS Electronic Data Collection
ONS European Systems of Accounting 2010
ONS Web Data Access Project
ONS 2011 Census